Service & Repair

Service, Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Reliability and continuity are critically important for pumps. Following the initial purchase, the cost of unplanned maintenance, excessive energy consumption, clogging and failure can be significant if pumps are not maintained. Periodic maintenance and planned refurbishment are required to ensure that your processes do not come to a standstill. Hidrostal has an experienced and skilled service team that can support you with service, repair, and optimization of your pump assets.

Service and Repair

Our 32,000 sq ft facility in Aurora, Illinois is fully equipped to provide full after-market support to our products, throughout North America. We also have a network of Hidrostal approved Service Partners, strategically located across the US, to provide localized service and repair options.

Our Service and Repair Offering:

  • Full refurbishment to original equipment specification
  • FM Explosion Proof inspection and repair
  • Motor stator rewinds
  • Majority of critical service parts held in inventory in Aurora, IL
  • Minor and Major rebuild kits available
  • Material upgrades available for excessive wear/abrasion applications
  • Performance testing after repair
  • Start-Up, Commissioning and On-Site troubleshooting services
  • In house or on-site training
Preventative Maintenance

With many years of experience, our service technicians advise on the maintenance and optimization of the Hidrostal pumps that you manage. We do not stop at repairing or maintaining your pumps preventatively. Our staff will give you solid advice in case an installation needs improvement, to ensure that a pump installation is optimally maintained and operated.

Our Maintenance Offering:

  • On-site, scheduled pump inspections
  • Suction liner adjustments, to maintain pump efficiency and reduce wear
  • Identifying installation deficiencies (mechanical and electrical)
  • Lowering un-planned maintenance costs
  • Recommendations to improve pump operating logic
  • Recognizing possible maintenance patterns
  • Advise on material upgrades due to wear and abrasion/corrosion
  • Recommending strategic spare parts
  • Warranty inspections

Hidrostal can make an appointment, any time you prefer, to make a complimentary assessment of your installed Hidrostal products. With this information we will form a quotation for the preventative inspection.  After inspection you will receive an inspection report per pump.