Immersible Pumps

Hidrostal Pumps submersible/immersible pumps are a range of quality screw centrifugal non clog pumps. They are capable of pumping general effluent and municipal and industrial wastewater that includes solids, rags and other common materials. Viscous pumping and even gentle handling are also possible with this type of pump. Submersible differs from immersible in the motor types. The submersible motor is cooled by conducting heat from the motor to the liquid in which it is submerged. This requires the motor to be submerged for normal and prolonged operation. The immersible motor features a closed loop cooling system that circulates fluid around the motor housing and exchanges heat through a finned plate at the bottom of the motor housing.

Guide Rail Mounted

For permanent installation and ease of maintenance, a guide rail mounting arrangement is available. Twin guide rails ensure the submersible pump is guided to the discharge elbow and correctly locks in position to give a leak-free connection.

Free standing or portable units

Free standing submersible pumps are available for applications where a permanent guide rail system is inappropriate, or a temporary arrangement is required.

Explosion Proof Rated

Hidrostal motors are TENV Factory Mutual (FM) Approved explosion proof for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D Hazardous Locations.