Diesel Portable Self Priming Pumps

The  SuperBetsy™ is the ideal portable diesel engine driven pump range.  

Comprised of a Hidrostal end suction pump with solids handling capabilities, viscous handling properties and high hydraulic efficiencies, the Betsy far outclasses rivals when pumping raw and untreated sewage water.  Equipped with the Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller and the BetsyPrime vacuum system the pump unit is an impressive force in the pumping of sewage water and associated sludges.

The Betsy features unmatched solids handling combined with the a highly efficient impeller that tranlates to you bottom line with less diesel fuel usage and longer run times between filling.

The Betsy if particularly suited for the following applications:


River/Creek/Lake Drainage

Lift Station Redundancy

Pump Station Bypass

Well Pointing

Sewer Bypass

Bentonite Slurries

Flood Control/Emergency 

The design principle behind the Betsy range of diesel pumpsets is to offer the user the most efficient cost effective method of transferring liquor whilst creating the minimum environmental disturbance in terms of noise, fuel usage, emissions and risk of pollution.


  • Effortlessly pumps viscous fluids with large particles without risk of clogging;
  • Efficient, low maintenance and significant decrease in fuel usage.
  • Equipped with level control
  • Available in sound proofed or electrical versions;
  • Equipped with integrated leak collector for internal fuel tank;
  • Equipped with forklift pockets for safe transport.


SuperBetsy 100-DS

SuperBetsy 150-EM

SuperBetsy 150-EH

SuperBetsy 150-ES

SuperBetsy 150-ESH

SuperBetsy 150-FS

SuperBetsy 200-FH

SuperBetsy 200-ESL

SuperBetsy 300-FHD

SuperBetsy 400-HSD

Now featuring Tier 4 Final Engines for full EPA compliance without expemptions or TPEM certification.

Full Super Betsy website:  

The Super Betsy are sold in the United States by APSCO LLC and are marketed as the “ScrewSucker”.  For information on application and pricing in the US, please contact APSCO LLC for more info.