Municipal Wastewater

When it comes to municipal pumping, the ability to pass solids, rags and fibrous material with minimal disruption is critical. Unscreened raw sewage can, and often does contain:

  • Large solid objects, such as bricks, pieces of wood, etc.
  • Large quantities of rags, diapers, pantyhose and an increasing amount of “disposable wipes”.
  • Quantities of abrasive grit and sand.
  • Undocumented corrosive liquids resulting from seawater infiltration on coastal sites or industrial effluents etc.                           

The Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller is, by virtue of its axial extension, able to pass solids and handle rags & fibrous material – while at the same time avoiding compromising the hydraulic design.  The axial extension provides sufficient freedom for the hydraulic designer to develop impellers of high efficiency, which is important to clients who purchase equipment to minimize life cycle costs as well as providing true non-clogging operation.

Network pumping stations, transfer pump stations, headworks and combined sewage/stormwater pump stations will incur high costs and other risks if the pumps installed are not capable of working without blocking.

  •  Collection Systems Pumping/Lift Stations
  •  Influent/Headworks Pumping Stations
  • RAS Pumping/Circulating
  •  Sludge Pumping