1955-Hidrostal S.A. founded in Lima, Peru, as a pump factory, iron and steel foundry. Now: ca. 450 employees and one of Hidrostal’s most important production facilities.

1960-Martin Stähle invents the screw centrifugal impeller to handle fish and foodstuffs.

1967-Foundation of Hidrostal AG by Martin Stähle in Neunkirch, Switzerland. Pump components are imported from Lima and assembled in Neunkirch. Local pump production begins in Neunkirch in 1968. Development of a range of pumps with screw centrifugal impellers specifically to tackle sewage and sludge. This range is widely used in municipal waste water treatment works.

1970-Development of own submersible and immersible electric motors specifically for use with screw centrifugal impeller pumps. Demanding requirements for waterproofing to deal with abrasive and fibrous sludge made it necessary to development our own glide ring seals.

1972-Development of the “PREROSTAL®” continuously variable regulation of delivery rate system which adjusts the Pump delivery to the correct amount without moving parts and at a constant pace.

1978-The first distribution company, Hidrostal GmbH in Wiehl, is founded Germany.

1980-Hidrostal Ltd. is founded in Newbury, UK.

1985-A Hidrostal process pump line is developed to adapt the screw centrifugal impeller specifically to the needs of industry. Hidrostal process pumps are particularly suitable for viscous, gaseous or contaminated substances and paper pulp.

1988-Hidrostal Process Engineering AG is founded in Urdorf, Switzerland.

1991-The ISO 9001 quality system is implemented at Neunkirch.

1991-An addition production location is opened: Hidrostal Kft in Nyul, Hungary.

1991-Hidrostal Pumpenbau GmbH is founded in Borna, Germany.

1993-TISO 9001 QS system is implemented in the Hungarian factory.

1993-A model foundry is built in Neunkirch.

1994-Hidrostal A/S is founded in Tommerup, Denmark.

1996-A new, environmentally-friendly and economically optimized paint works opens at Neunkirch.

1997-Hidrostal Bohemia s.r.o. is founded in Lety u Dobrichovic, Czech Republic.

1998-The Neunkirch, Switzerland facilities are certified under ISO 14001 Environmental Systems.

1998-A new, modern office building is built and opened in Neunkrich.

1998-Hidrostal Holding AG is founded in Neunkirch, Switzerland.

1999-Compliance with the EKAS Directive (occupational safety) and certification at Neunkirch.

1999-Hidrostal SA (PTY) is founded in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1990s-The Preroclean and Self-clean systems are developed for independent sump pit cleaning in sewage pump stations.

2000-A new production site is founded with large pump test benches in Qingdao/China.

2000-A large new modern production and distribution site is built in Nyul, Hungary.

2002-Acquisition of a majority stake in Bedford Pumps Ltd. in Bedford, UK. Our product range expands to include fish-friendly axial pumps.

2003-Hidrostal Polska, sp. z.o.o. is founded in Blichowo, Poland.

2003-Patent registration of Sharkfin to improve the Hidrostal pumps’ anti-blockage function.

2004-Production begins at the new, expanded foundry in Neunkirch, Switzerland.

2007-Hidrostal Bel is founded in Belarus.

2007- Ingenería de Bombeo Hidrostal S.L. is founded in Valencia, Spain.

2007-Patent registration of the W impeller line with its double scoop impeller.

2007-Patent registration of the regulation cone that reduces wear and tear and thus maintenance costs.

2008-After the death of Hidrostal’s founder, Martin Stähle, his sons take over the family business.

2011-FreeFlow technology with the patented JetDisk and SharkFin. A pioneering anti-blockage development.

2013-The production and distribution site is expanded in Nyul, Hungary.

2014-Hidrostal BV is founded in Dordrecht, Netherlands

2015-Hidrostal LLC (North America) is founded in Chicago, IL USA.

The Neunkirch site now employs 135 people from a wide range of professions. Worldwide Hidrostal has approximately 1,000 employees.