Frequently Asked Questions

* How long has Hidrostal Pumps been in business?  Hidrostal has been been in business for over 50 years.  We have manufacturing facilities in 5 locations around the globe and have direct sales companies and partners in over 30 countries around the world.  Our products were previously distributed through another company in the USA and Canada, but this agreement was terminated at the end of 2015.  Hidrostal LLC (dba Hidrostal Pumps) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hidrostal and is the master distributor of Hidrostal pumps, motors & parts for North America.

* Is a Hidrostal pump the same as a “Wemco-Hidrostal” pump? Hidrostal pumps have always been designed and manufactured by Hidrostal.  During the distribution agreement between Wemco (Weir), the product was branded as a Wemco-Hidrostal.  Hidrostal pumps have always been made by Hidrostal. If you have an older “Wemco-Hidrostal” pump, the pump and submersible/immersible were always manufactured by Hidrostal in one of our manufacturing facilities around the world.  If you specified a “Wemco-Hidrostal” pump previously, you actually specified a pump that that was designed, engineered and manufactured by Hidrostal.

* Where are you located?  Our facility is located in the Western suburbs of Chicago.  This location was chosen for many reasons, but primarily for it’s central location and centralized transportation hub for serving North America.  Our building houses our Engineering, Application Engineering and support staff as well as our workshop and inventory.  Contact details can be found HERE.

* Where can I buy parts or replacement pumps?  We sell through a network of Manufacturer’s Reps & Distributors located throughout the US and Canada.  Please send an email with the location of the job (State/Province, County/City) and if it is considered a municipal, industrial or other type of application.  We will quickly respond with the appropriate contact information of the Rep/Distributor in your area.

* What is the availability of parts?  We have comprehensive inventory of replacement and maintenance parts ranging from bearings, seals & hardware to impellers, complete bearing frames and motors.  We stock most parts for our more common model sizes and configurations.  Specialized materials and less common parts are available on a per order basis.

* What is your standard paint?  Our standard paint is Tnemec’s Hi-Build Epoxoline® II  Series N69.  For full information & data sheet, click here.

* What color is your standard paint?  The color of our standard paint is called KC Blue.  Tnemec KC Blue “21BL”  It is a standard Tnemec color and can be sourced through any paint supplier who distributes Tnemec brand 

* Are you ISO 9000 Registered?  Our products are primarily produced at our manufacturing facilities in Lima, Peru and Nuenkirch, Switzerland.  Both of these facilities  are each registered to the following standards:  ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008.  Current copies of these certificates are available with an order, upon request.

* Are your mechanical seals proprietary? Do I have to purchase Hidrostal replacement seals? The mechanical seals we use are selected and engineered for our specific pumps and applications.  Their design and materials are the result of 50+ years of experience and improvement.  While nearly all of our pumps are able to utilize standard, commercially available seals, we believe the quality, design and pricing of our seals provide a greater value than just using a standard commercially available seal.

* How long is your warranty period?  Hidrostal has two primary warranties.  For industrial and end suction bearing frame pumps our 1 year standard warranty applies.  For products utilizing our immersible/submersible motors our 5 Year Pro-Rated Warranty Applies.  Details of these warranties are available upon request.

* Will a Hidrostal pump clog?  While there are possible ways to clog any pump, it is very rare to clog a Hidrostal pump under normal operating conditions.  The design of the Original screw impeller is such that even with the ever changing make up of today’s wastewater, the Hidrostal can handle even the toughest of applications that would simply clog a traditional “Non-Clog” pump.  They hydraulic design of our pump handles the passage of solids, stringy materials and wet wipes in a greatly way. 

There is a major pump manufacturer that has a guarantee against clogging.  Is this true?  Yes, this company has created much marketing buzz and will “Guarantee” this pump will not clog in its first 12 months of operation.  Does this guarantee it won’t clog, no, it just means you will be compensated if you have to unclog it.  What happens after 12 months?  The Hidrostal design has proven itself over its 50 year history and tens of thousands of installations in the US, Canada and worldwide.  No marketing gimmicks or hollow “guarantees” are needed, just proven performance, 

We have a “Non-Clog” pump that is constantly clogging, will a Hidrostal pump fix this?  Non-Clog pumps have been around for years and have done an admirable job of handling sewage over the years.  The fact is today’s wastewater is changing.  With more plastics, latex items, foreign objects and “ lushable” wipes – yesterday’s pump is struggling to do the job.  We here from people all the time complaining that they had a ‘Brand X’ pump that worked great for many years and now is clogging on a regular basis.  The fact is wastewater is changing and the Original Hidrostal is a great solution! Hidrostal provides a simple, efficient and effective answer to one of the toughest questions in the wastewater business.

* How long will my pump last?  This is a very difficult questions and is dependent on many factors specific to your installation.  We have several materials of construction available that are suited for normal wastewater, corrosive and abrasive applications.  In general, our pumps are rated as heavy duty and often have greater thickness and heavier weights than comparable “non-clog” pumps.  The hydraulic design of our impeller is gentile in nature and does not have as high velocities or impingement areas found in vortex pumps.  When properly applied and maintained we have many customers who have had our pumps in for 20 years and much longer.  We offer several material options that can be suited to your specific needs.  If you have a higher than average abrasive application, we can provide select parts in a high chrome iron, which provides enhanced abrasion resistance and longer life.  If you have a corrosive media you are pumping, we can provide 316SS for all wet end parts.  

* My pump starts frequently and only runs for a short time, how can I get a more constant flow?  This is normally of function of your float elevations and available wet well capacity.  By adjusting your float levels you may be able to increase the run time of your pumps, while at the same time decreasing the starts per hour.  It is also possible and very common to operate your pumps using a VFD.  The Original Hidrostal screw impeller differs from a typical “Non-Clog” impeller in many ways.  One of the biggest differences is that our impeller is not typically trimmable and adjustment of operating conditions is done, almost exclusively, through speed adjustment.  We can assist to evaluate your pump and determine what kind of operating range can be achieved by speed adjustment.  This change could substantially reduce the start/stops, while also providing a more consistent or matched flow to your destination.